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Il Bacaro was born in 1982, next to Pantheon and Piazza Navona…and in the maze of roman historical alleys, we keep for you this magical corner. It was named in tribute to the venetian "Bacari": the Renaissance vintners who used to carry wine in Piazza San Marco with their boats. Nowadays, Il Bacaro’s heart still beats for the art of wine making and for the Italian traditional cooking mastery. If we had to choose a word to describe our restaurant, it would be "surprise": around a corner, it is with surprise that you will discover our enchanted place will be surprised by the dishes and the precious wine cellar ... with grace and enchantment, we will take you into a timeless moment. We will take care of your special moment with our helpful and skilled staff, to turn your lunch or dinner into a wonderful memory. In our intimate and cozy nest or in the shadow of our great outdoor vine, you will experience Il Bacaro as a place to eat, to drink and to never forget. You will find us in Via dei Spagnoli 27, and once here, you will see how the 27 is the number of our history and our soul…

Lunch Time

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Downtown in Rome, life is buzzing in the streets populated by citizens, tourists and the most important monuments in the world. At Il Bacaro in our quiet corner we offer a breathing-break, a distinctive surprise hidden

in the beautiful contest of the roman alleys. In our lunch menu, you can find the best roman traditional dishes and you’ll enjoy Italian tastes with our top – quality staff servicing your needs and timing.

Dinner Time

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It’s evening and Il Bacaro turns into a wonderful atmospheric corner! Under our grapevine, give yourself a magical evening. Our dinner menu will satisfy your tastes with dishes finely combining Italian traditions with international trends. Our cooking proposals will

surprise your desire of tradition. A desire that we won’t betray! Our services will be at your disposals, our goal is to arrange for you a timeless evening, experienced through our dishes and wines; sooth your senses in our restaurant, a place of surprise and magic.

Wine List

The 27 wines of bacaro

In our restaurant you can experience our selected wine list. 270 labels representing the refined selection of Italian wines. Our unique international exception is dedicated to a choice of Champagne and Provence wines that you will find in the list.

Our experienced sommelier will be honoured to help guide you through our selections. Last but not least, 27 is our magical number. We offer a selection of 27 wines for tasting by the glass. 27 different ways to cross Italy and our wine tradition with your palate

Wine Shop

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Our wine cellar is our heart which we humbly share with you. We opened a little wine shop next to the restaurant where you can purchase our bottles and labels on offer. Additionally, our shop is also a place for wine tasting, organised events with sommelier and wine producers.

If you are a client of our Restaurant, you can visit our wine shop to choose by yourself the wine that you would like to enjoy during your meal. In our wine shop, you will find our labels and the vault with our most important bottles.


Via Degli Spagnoli 27, 00186 ROMA
+39 06 6872554

Il Bacaro was born in 1982, next to Pantheon and Piazza Navona…and in the maze of roman historical alleys, we keep for you this magical corner.

+39 06 6872554


Via Degli Spagnoli 27
00186 ROMA