Bacaro Studio

A separate and warm environment in its own right next to the restaurant, dedicated to tastings and the techniques of combining food and wine. The Studio represents an intimate and reserved place where you can have lunch or dinner, up to a maximum of 6 people, serving by the restaurant staff, sharing a unique and special moment. Atmosphere and privacy, enhance and enhance that sensorial experience, that journey through the flavors of Italian cuisine and the aromas of the wines of our lands that here in Bacaro define "love marriage" between food and wine.

At the same time, Bacaro Studio involves the optimal place to discuss and implement important projects to discuss, finding the best concentration and possibility of comparison without distractions.

Il Bacaro was born in 1982, next to Pantheon and Piazza Navona…and in the maze of roman historical alleys, we keep for you this magical corner.

+39 06 6872554


Via Degli Spagnoli 27
00186 ROMA